Project Managers, this new feature is for you.
Your time is valuable and our new online order tracking system is built to save time and make your job easier.  

When you order electrical switchboards from GB Electrics, you will now receive a job number and a link to track the progress of your job. A job number will be provided upon approval for construction, when our project manager replies with an approximate dispatch date.

There are two main features of our order tracking system:

Automated Emails

Firstly, you will receive automated emails once your job progresses to the next area of our in-house manufacturing departments.

Our in-house manufacturing departments are Sheet Metal, Powder Coating and Electrical. Click the links of each area to find out more about our capabilities as one of Brisbane’s fastest custom switchboard manufactures.

Your switchboard order tracking emails will come quicker than you expect with our high-grade machines including a precise Laser Cutter, Powder Coating Booth and even an in-house CNC Router to cut all your cleats to the correct specification.

This ensures we have full control over our manufacturing so our clients can expect a high-quality, easy to terminate switchboard is delivered to site.

See below for an example of an order update email.
The bold text will give you the relevant information for your job. Including job name and board type, our job reference number and which department it has just been completed in. A tracking link to the online order tracking page will be included.

Order Tracking Email
Order Tracking Email Example

Online Order Tracking Page

Secondly, the online order tracking web page will give you a breakdown of your switchboard’s current order status. You can view your job’s status at any time online, without the need to make a phone call.

A status bar will give you a graphic of the work completed. Below that you will see dates and times of each order update. Importantly you won’t see your job name on the website, only on the automated emails. This is to keep your order information confidential.

5 Stages of Order Tracking:

1. Started Construction – Once an internal order form has been sent this is what your job status will show.
2. Sheet Metal Complete – This is the first completed stage of production; at this stage your board is just an empty steel cubicle. Your job is 25% complete.
3. Powder Coating Complete – This is the second stage of production; at this stage your job is painted to the colour of your specification. Your job is 50% complete.
4. Electrical Complete – The final and most complex stage of production. Your job is 95% completed.
5. Dispatched – Either booked for dispatch or already dispatched. Your job is 100% completed. Wrapped, cleaned and ready for delivery to site.

See below for examples.

Sheet Metal Complete Example
Powder Coating Complete Example
Electrical Complete Example

Our goal is to make ordering a main switchboard or distribution switchboard easy and convenient.
We hope this update to our systems helps make your job easier as we aim to keep open and strong communication lines with our clients.
If you would like to discuss your job in any further detail, we encourage you to give us a call. Our friendly project managers are here to help you with all of your requests.