Do not get caught out by installing an uncompliant switchboard on your site. You could be running a huge commercial risk.

If you are installing a low voltage switchboard on site after 24 May 2021 it must comply with the new standard AS/NZS 61439.1. To put your mind at ease GB Electrics are fully type tested to AS/NZS 61439.1. We will proudly show you our Type Test Certificate.

As a contractor or engineer, you should get proof that your switchboard supplier is fully type tested to 61439.1.

How do you get proof?

The best way is to meet with your switchboard supplier to be shown through their Type Test Certificate in person. Do not get fooled into believing your supplier has the certificate without seeing one. A verbal confirmation is not enough to prove compliance.

Why do you need to see the Type Test Certificate?

When you come in, we will help you understand how to design a switchboard to AS/NZS 61439.1 and walk you through how our Type Test complies with the new standard.
We can explain the design verification process that we went though to make a fully type tested switchboard. This will be very beneficial to your company, as it will allow you to quickly assess if a job you are quoting is designed correctly to the new standard. 

What types of boards are required to meet 61439.1?

The new standard will impact manufacturers, assemblers and end users involved in all types of switchboard assemblies – from distribution boards up to 250A, right through to low voltage main switchboards above 250A.

What happens if your supplier said they had a type test and you find out they don’t have one?

Let us hope you catch it early enough before you give construction approval. A non-type tested board could see you running a huge commercial risk, especially if the board is on site and then you need to get a new one built.
If it gets rejected from site that could cost you thousands of dollars and hurt your reputation with your builder.

GB Electrics could help you out depending on our workload at the time. We are seeing a large number of new clients and an increasing workload. As there are not many manufactures who comply to the new standard.
If we are unable to help, we can certainly steer you in the right direction to help find one of the few fully type tested switchboard manufactures.

Give us a call today on (07) 3205 7388 to organise an explanation of the new standard.
We will make it easy for you to understand and give you the peace of mind you need, to know your board are being built by a fully compliant manufacture.